Ok, my problem is that I never write my solos as I prefer to improv them. When improvising I can do some pretty damn good stuff at slow to moderate speeds, but then when I feel the need to go faster i do the same old shit; the really basic runs that are kinda pathetic, but played so fast that nobody catches it anyway.

I guess it's because I'm playing too fast to actually think about every note, so my fingers just go on muscle memory.

What should I do to remedy this? I've thought of two things I can do.

A: I could start coming up with licks and completely different runs, analyze other guitarists runs, etc to come up with ideas

B: Actually write out my solos so that I can see how the fast stuff will go together beforehand and figure it out, eliminating the need to think about what I'm doing. This would also get rid of the problem of one day pulling something really awesome out of my ass, but the next day doing something really mediocre, which could be a problem whenever my band starts gigging more.

what do you think?

and do the half of B. Write or remimber licks, not entire solo`s.
Licks like this can spice up your solo. (Em)



And many others....

So search through solo of Metallica, RATM and Audioslave (especially One and the Same, Doesn`t Remind Me, Know Your Enemy and others), QOTSA (No One Knows) and some other bands with good solo`s
I don't know man. I'm a lover of improvisation, but you could always just figure out more 'fast' licks, listen to people like Satch or Howe (I think that's his name). The fact that you pull stuff that's really awesome out of your ass IS awesome, just record your practices to be able to go back and hear it. Just set a tape recorder in front of your amp. I don't know though man, don't ever stop improv'ing.

Fast isn't always good.
Just keep practicing over some of your own licks, try different conbinations keys and escapes. Remember it's not all about speed, a lot of guitarists these days forget that.
ya i improvise alot but i am starting to look at others solos and get ideas magic by king diamond will give you good ideas and if you want to go fast practice sweep picking dunken hills coffee jingle by dethklok is good sweep practicing