alright, so, im rocking out, only oto find my tone knob is all the way down......*how embarrasing* so i go to turn it up, and it starts spinning 360 degrees...and im scared cuz i dont want to send it in cuz i bught it online....what should i do.
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Get a new one? If it spins like that, it probably means the knob isn't gripping onto the actual pot.
Why does buying online have to do with it? Take it to a shop and get it sorted, they don't have to know where it came from and they wont even care as long as they are getting paid.
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the knob probably just needs tightened. Take an allen wrench to it and it should be fine. If the pots spinning around then just take the knob off and tighten the nut and everything should be good
pull the knob off. Is a screw on the side of the knob supposed to be holding it down? If not, then when you pull the knob off, the actual part the knob sits on can usually be widened with a flathead screwdriver to hold the knob again. Finally, you can get a new knob if necessary.