On New Years Eve I was helping a friend move out of my old house. The last time I was there my old neighbor (nicked named "Horseshoe Harold") swung by the house, while I was playing the Strat I had recently put together, and finished setting up. He mentioned that he had a guitar body lying around at home that he wanted to get rid of, but he wasn't sure where, or what kind it was.

So flash forward to New Years Eve as I'm helping my friend move out, and I notice a mostly gutted, slightly banged up guitar body sitting on a desk. It has no bridge, and no controls, but sitting next to it is a pick guard, with a chrome single coil pickup still in place. The shape looks very familiar but I don't recognize it, until I pack up my friends Telecaster to be moved. I ask him about the body, and he mentions that it is the piece that the neighbor brought up a few days after I left last time, and he informs me that he does not want it, and it's mine for the taking if I'd like. Upon closer inspection I realize that I've just been given a 2004 vintage white Telecaster, so as soon as I get home I start researching parts, and order most of what I need from Warmoth.com. So far the project has cost me only about $70, though I am sure the neck, and bridge pickup will be significantly more expensive.

Yesterday I received a large portion of the parts I ordered from Warmoth, and set about putting them on the guitar. They are as follows.

Warmoth Vintage Telecaster "Ash Tray" Bridge
Warmoth Control Plate (Chrome)
CTS 250K Potentiometer
CTS 500K Potentiometer
CRL 3 Way Switch & Knob
Strap Buttons (Chrome)
Pickguard & Control Plate Screws (Flat Black)
Input Cup (Black)

However I am still looking for the perfect neck, and humbucker (probably a Seymour Duncan 59, but I'm still checking out the links to pickup manufacturers at the start of this section) to finish the project, do I only need to worry about measuring for the scale length if I'm having a neck custom built, or is this something that is required even if I buy a Telecaster neck from ebay. I apologize in advance for my naivety, but this is only the second guitar I've put together and set up myself. I'm tempted to try wiring it all up myself, but I'd rather have my first attempt be on a guitar that I didn't care about, in case I got it wrong.

1) Although this is a very subjective matter, are there any particular model Telecaster necks that you would recommend, or are generally liked by the Tele crowd for comfort and playability?
2) And are there any special nuances I need to be aware of when trying to set the guitar up using the vintage style bridge?
3) Are Strat tuners and Tele tuners interchangeable? (I'd like to use the black Grover tuners on the neck in the pic below on whatever Tele neck I end up purchasing.)

Note: The Strat style neck in the pic below is another Warmoth piece, but won't be going on the guitar. (But it does seem to fit very well.) The blue Strat body in the pic with the tele was my fathers, and I'm planning on building it after I finish the Telecaster.
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for necks fender length necks are probably the best fit, but because the saddles are adjustable you could probably go with a little bit shorter or longer and still be fine with intonation. Longer will give more pop and definition, shorter more thick and muddy.

Bridges that are specially made for teles should drop right in so don't worry. If it doess
t you are doing to have to drill new holes.

All six in a line tuners work the same no matter what guitar they are being used on.
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