So im trying to put a band together and its pretty hard since nobody seems to like rock music or play an instrument around me.
Now i found a guitarist 2 days ago who wants to be in my band.
And now i found this drummer and im currently trying to convince him getting in the band.
So i was talking about it and i said that if he is in we only need a singer and a bassist then we are done.
So he says that 2 guitarists are too much, he wants: singer, guitarist, drummer, bassist.
And that one of the guitarists should replace the bass. (or basicly leave and get a bassist)
So now what? i mean, bass is important and we cant just replace bass with a guitar, and im not just kicking the other guitarist out of the band.
Also told him about one of us doing vocals as well but he didnt reply to me on that one yet.
So what do you guys think what should i do?
two guitars are good as long as you do different things most of the time...and if one of you sings then its very hard to be hetfield and play tough rhythms underneath (who also has a second guitarist)...i play most of the guitar in my band, but my singer plays some easy rhythms on some songs and it sounds good
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Seriously, you can't have a guy who isn't even in the band yet demading that someone who is already in the band be fired.
Otherwise he's gonna end up demanding his own way all the time once he does join.

Tell him that both guitarists stay and if he's still not interested then you'll look elsewhere for a drummer.
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My band is set up like the following

Person 1: Lead Vocals, Bass, Keys
Person 2: Backing Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Bass
Person 3: Drums
Myself: Lead Guitar, Keys, Bass

It allows for a lot of versatility in what we can play having everyone (except the drummer) with the ability to play multiple instruments.