so i've got an audition for a band tonight
im REALLY nervous despite the bassist already saying the video i did for the song was pretty good despite having only been playing the song for a few hours

anyway, im still nervous
so any tips on being unnervous?

(fap, wear a lucky t-shirt and blah blah)

Top lel.
I see no reason for being nervous. If you nailed the song (and you did as you told), then it's all gonna be cool. Just try to have fun ^^
Couple of deep breaths, a good warm up before hand, and going in the mindset of having fun. This is not the be all and all of life for you, so relax my friend . Some nerves are good by the way dude, they help you stay alert and not make stupid mistakes. Also, would you rather a guy who starts out nervous but ends up being a cool guy, or a guy who is an arrogant prick from the start? Something to realise and apply haha.

Good luck

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Just try and enjoy it. If you're really nervous tell them - then at least they'll understand why if you're a bit wobbly at first. Once you get into it I reckon you'll soon forget to be nervous