i need some more favorite bands, currently my favorite bands are...
king diamond
cradle of filth
iced earth
dimmu borgir
judging on these bands does anybody know any other bands that you think i will like.
mettalica,judas priest,iron maiden,and bands that who are very famous like them,try to stay away because i already know bands like these and don't need to be told how goood mettalica is because i already liten to them
if you like king diamond try merciful fate which im sure you already know of.
and also check out in the fire by roadrunner united. he does vocals for that song.
its pretty sweet.
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Rip Heavens Gate
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Rec Thread; they're a Scouse band, full of material.

"We're the fuckin' Rec Thread!
And we're really fuckin' good!
If you haven't checked us out
Well then I think you should!
We're the only band that's stickied
So give us a fuckin' click!
Stop making threads like this
Or I'll rip off your fuckin' dick!"

Great lyrics, IMO.
Catch me,
heal me,
Lift me back up to the Sun
I choose to live

How long did that take you?
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The point of underground bands is their not popular or famous most of the time. Thus there is a good chance they suck.
Honestly like 3 minutes

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Catch me,
heal me,
Lift me back up to the Sun
I choose to live
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