Well... I have a dilema . Been playing guitar for a year and 8 months . I'm looking for a new amp.. I currently use a 10 watt Ibanez amp. Its an IBZ10G. I also use a Digitech RP350. Now i'm looking to upgrade my amp and maybe do away with my Digitech . The amps I'm considering is an Ibanez TBX30R Tone Blaster or maybe the new Randall V2xm 30 watt ninja series . I don't know much about the Randall other than the looks. I saw it in the new Guitar World magazine. Its a signature model from Arch Enemy guitarist Michael Amott.

Now my Digitech pedal is good... only thing is I tweaked it to where I'm only using the first five presets so much of it is wasted . I use the drum machine occasionally also which i find helps my timing.

My goal is to get my own tone and hopefully record some stuff on my computer.
I know Dimebag used Randall amps for most of his career and also Kirk Hammett .

Thanks for any help with this dilema of mine .
Go for the Randall. Their SS amps are generally good, and the Ibanez TBX amps suck major arse.

Even though I'm not a fan of floor multi fx, for now you may just want to keep that Digitech for now and get some recording gear (e.g. a Line6 Toneport) first.

Of course, this is assuming you're not gigging. If you are, you're gonna need a bigger amp above all.
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No i'm not gigging. So is this Toneport any good... I'm looking for something that i can hook up to my laptop and record vocals maybe also...

Do you know if i would be able to run it through my Digitech as well?
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I know Dimebag used Randall amps for most of his career and also Kirk Hammett .

not a good way to base your judgment.

yes, you an run your digitech into the toneport, and i know there's a model which offers the ability to hook up a microphone. check them out on musiciansfriend or something.

also, this technically is not a dilemma.
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