hey guys,i'm new here

after playing a while i decided to get an electric guitar

but i want an oppinion on what to buy
amp is taken care of so that wont be a problem ^^
i'm thinking of an epiphone black beauty(<3) or a ibanez RG350DX
My budget is around 575Euro's (750 U.S)
i'm gonna be playing slash ZZ stevie jimmi(page and hendrix) steve vai stariani etc
you get the picture
i'm all open for suggestions

hope to hear lots of replies's

tnx in advance
The rg series is great. I have a 120, a bit on the lower end, but it sounds great.
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for Vai and Satriani the RG is good
for everything else you can get a Les Paul
and you can coil split to get single coil sounds