For the following song i can give u an extensive breakdown of how to properly play these song. I'll explain what key there in and scales to practice within the song's structure and how to execute advanced techniques like sweeping, string skipping, and tapping

Crazy Train -Ozzy
Flying High Again -Ozzy
Over the Mountain -Ozzy
Mr.Crowley -Ozzy
Master of Puppets -Metallica
Enter Sandman -Metallica
Hellion/Electric Eye -Judas Priest
Eruption -Van Halen
Ain't Talkin''bout love -Van Halen
Panama -Van Halen
Running with the Devil -Van Halen
Balls to the Wall -Accept
No One like you -Scorpions
Rock You like a Hurricane -Scorpions
Black Star -Yngwie Malmsteen
Far Beyond the Sun -Yngwie Malmsteen
Round + Round -Ratt
Here I go Again -Whitesnake

i think i forgot a few but just ask and i'll see