Is the shure SM57 good for recording snares? Can someone mention any song thats recorded with one? my option for the SM57 is a standard tom/snare microphone that came with my drummick set.
well a snare sounds good when its recorded from the top and bottom
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The SM57 is somewhat of a standard mic for micing a snare.

try micing both the upper and lower skin if you have enought mics and inputs.

also, seeing as you're swedish. have a look over at http://forum.studio.se/ to get more and most often better recording tips.
I have enough inputs and mics for that, I might try it tomorrow with the Sm57 on top and a an AKG D80 that i have lying around.
i think as important as it is to have a good snare sound, just as important is having the snare track well in the overheads, thats where u get much of your high end and depth. so i wouldnt get overly hung up about a snare mic. sm57 is the standard because its relatively cheap and it works, but many mics will work if ya make em.
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