Well, I have a Jackson DXMG dinky with a floyd rose and the floyd rose is weird. Its aligned right but theres one problem, well at least to me its a problem. The strings are really close to the fretboard. They're really low. Like, I barely have to press down on them to make them sound. Someone make like this but I dont. Anyone know how I can fix it? String gauge; 10-48.
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Adjust the bridge height and loosen the trussrod 1/4 of a turn.
Just raise the action, there should be 2 alan keypoints either side of the bridge (typicaly anyway) just turn them anti-clockwise and it should raise,make sure to get both parallel and your strings should raise further from the fretboard.
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Maybe try too loosen up the springs in the back!

You don't adjust the action by tightening or loosening the springs in the back.

Threadstarters, when you fret a note does it buzz at all, especially on frets 1-5? Maybe it seems low to you but normal to others. Got any pictures?
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check the FR setup thread at the top of the forum.
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check the FR setup thread at the top of the forum.

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just turn the pivot posts COUNTER-clockwise a few turns(2-4). check the action again and adjust as necesary.
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2-4 turns? More like 1/4 turn and see where you're at, if that.
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