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Digitech RP90
0 0%
Digitech RP150
0 0%
2 100%
Voters: 2.
Well, im looking for a cheap effects pedal. Well mostly for the drum tracks not really for the amp models. I have a 5150 so Im fine with that sound. Im just looking for alot of different effects and drum tracks. I have a 100$ budget no more. Which one would be better for 100$?
Ibanez Prestige RG1570
Schecter Omen 6
ESP LTD Viper 400
Dean Dime From Hell

Peavey 5150
Dude, dont buy these just for the drums. If you want effects fine, but if you want a drum machine, get a drum machine or drum software.

I use this for practice....

Check out the demo... also, check out thier Phrase Trainer. Good stuff. You can get both for $46.00 US.
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