So coolest thing, just got an ipod touch
So i m in the wifi at school ug isnt blocked!
Fun times ****ing around but wat sites can i use to bypas
Fire wall? I d like to get on facebook and or messenger
Ne way yeah
I Shit You Not
Or you could study.
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Oh wow this is a guitar forum!
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Karvid is sexy

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Its lame.
it has a really good distortion and clean sound a little to much hum in the background but i guess thats why they call them humbuckers"

review on Zzounds
Can't believe I clicked this thread..

Edit; and replied... and bothered to edit my post to type this... >_<;
People are bastards. Bastardcoated bastards with bastardfilling.
i go to a laptop high school.. i'm in study hall right now, then going off campus for lunch and then coming back for another study hall and then going to AP econ.

where i'll still be on UG
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The thing that surprises me most about this is that you actually expected help in bypassing your filter rather than ridicule.
Your a guy and you use messenger and YOU CHECK FACEBOOK???? ALERT !!! ALERT !!! DOUCHEBAG!!!

Ummm simplemodern/bananna. No jokes also I could get it for you on a computer (it will be In a thread soon)
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Lots of lulz were produced, thankyou good sir
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The thing that surprises me most about this is that you actually expected help in bypassing your filter rather than ridicule.

LOL! but i go on UG all the time on the school computers in 4th block keyboarding. its pretty great.
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Well thank you for your contributions to this discussion. I'm glad you kept it intelligent

[O.o] - O rly?

[¬.¬] - ya rly.
The problem for you would be the fact that nobody will be able to get on facebook or msn at your school, therefore the need to check it is nonexistent.
Want you have hidden in your request is a way to bypass the internet security on porn, yes?
I always get on during architecture class, which reminds me that i need to finish building my lake-side house.
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Why not spend your time on something constructive? Such as writing a book on the marvels of punctuation.

UG at school?
I'm sure you're the first person ever to do that.
i can only go on UG on the laptops at school otherwise teachers will see UG. 4chan blocked, though i can tell why.

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Wow so much unexpected and unessesary bashin ... Just bored
Durinh math and though idmake a thread an sayipod touch rules
And also, to the person who said i shouldnt com here for help,
Ha! Wat now. Lile 5 websites b bypssibf firewall
I Shit You Not
Ok, so I'm going to tell you a secret site that NO ONE can hear of. From it you can go anywhere on the internet. You have to promise not to tell anyone though, because you can find lots of information off of this site, even something like a site that lets you into other sites when they're blocked. Okay, the secret site, gosh I can't believe I'm letting you in on this secret.

the super secret site
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We have Websense. It blocked the SNAB activities because of "gametes".

Nearly everything is filtered.

So, TS one thing I CAN agree with, having your own internet is useful.
wow thats gay.
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Damnit why are you full of so much win
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why would UG be blocked?

911 is blocked at my school, so its possible.
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I always get on UG at school when Im in the computer labs.
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