This is a kinda pop rock sorta song i wrote which is a kinda different genre for me, i usually write metalcore. i also wrote a solo which i Never do so i apologise if it sucks
c4c of course
I have to say, I did enjoy it. The quieter intro did drag on for a bit but it's fine. I wan't particularly thrilled with the first couple measures in the solo, but after that, it was good. The breakdown was a tad generic but you did say you usually write metalcore . All in all I'd give at around an 8/10.

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i think ill halve that intro, thanks for the comment!
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Ok, I gotta say i love parts of it. But I'm not gonna blow smoke up your a$$ cos who wants to hear how good it is. You put it up for critisim. So let me tell you what i think you could do to make it even better - in detail cos I believe this song could be like...uber brilliant with these bits!

1) I think its really long for a pop rock song. I found it was dragging out alot. This may be due to a lack of vocals it could change with that but Im suspecting itll still drag. You could take out a verse perhaps maybe the break down.

2) Theres something not right about the chorus and i dont know what it is! I dont think the bass & guitar go together possibly or maybe rhythm guitar needs stronger chord progression. I also don't know how the vocals would work on that cos theres so much going on in it.

3) The intro at the beginning. I lied. I will complement it more. This was LUSH! Like amazing. I loved it. You can imagine this song being at the beginning of an album or gig. Starts of mellow and then BAM! Brilliant.

4) First half of the solo doesnt sound good. It sounds out of tune with the rest of the instruments.

Change those and itd be a 10/10 no doubt.

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