For only £30 im not expecting anything amazing but are they any good, or a total waste of money.

I was thinking of buying one to take to my guitar lessons at college but id rather just play unplugged than sound like crap.
They aren't terrible for practice amps...but if you're going to be taking it back and forth to practice I'd consider something else.
i had the halfstack one and it sounded like ass and was built like it and cost too much.

i would invest in a vox amplug instead mate. might cost a little more but so much more worth it.
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It's okay but I would rather save for a roland micro


i own one, sounds great
The microcubes £70 in my local shop, and at the minute £70 is a bit much to spend on an hour a week, but ill check it out and see how it sounds, and if its good ill probably get it, thanks.