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Schecter C-1
5 15%
PRS Paul Allender Model
1 3%
3 9%
Jackson KE3 Kelly
0 0%
Jackson RR3 Rhoades
7 21%
Fender Standard Ash Tele
5 15%
Fender Classic 50's Series Strat
12 35%
Schecter Hellraiser V
1 3%
Voters: 34.
Having Trouble Deciding which Guitar to get lol, need some help.Thanks. Right now Im playing through a Fender Blues Deluxe with pedals. Looking for a versitile Guitar
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Id say go for the PRS Paul Allender Model but ive had no experience with them.
Sorry If I confused you. By Versatile I mean something that is comfortable and easy to play. I guess I'm just looking for a well-rounded guitar. Also something that stands out (Hence why I have V's and Explorers, They stand out)
the Jacksons may not be the most comfortable, but they're definately great performers...
especially the Kelly, which is more versatile than some like to think...

PRSes tend to be very versatile too...
and you can customize them to be comfortable too (neck profiles, etc)...
not sure about that model, though...

same goes for Schecters...
they're used by nu-metal bands, but then can work for many genres...
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I say the Strat.
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