my marshall amp is making a fuzzing sound when i use it is this normal or does it need to be repaired.

Also how should i set it to sound like the blues


i could be like a million other people on here and say get a vox or orange (do it) instead of a MG but since i own one i wont be such a hypocrite.

Make sure your cable is in the amp probably.
And for blues, there should be a manual with the amp that can tell how to get good settings. But failing that, turn the gain to 10-12o'clock, middle and bass to 7-10 ish.

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has it been making the fuzzy noise since you got it?

or has it just started recently?

and its not really a great amp, but hugh's suggestion'll get you .....about as close as you can get
does it fuzz on the clean channel? if it doesnt, then its just ur amp has crappy overdrive, most cheap marshall's do no offence.