I have a Randall RG75 amp and a Stagg Stratocaster Model guitar.
My high e string always has a sort of double sound, it's a kind of tremolo, it's hard to explain but when I hit the open e it is kind of vibrating.
I know it's a strange explanation, but does someone knows how to solve this?
Is it hitting the fret board? Sometimes you get weird sounds when your string hits the fret board. You action might be very low in this case.
No my action is even a bit to high, and it's not out of tune, I'm 200% sure of that..
I don't have it on the clean channel, only on the gain, it is really a very weird problem, but it sucks. When I rehearse with my band and I play solos, then this sound sucks very hard..
intonation probaly
check if that is right
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Well I reckon you're not muting the other strings good enuff. I know this cause I do it sometimes.