Finaly i'm getting round to mod my old encore strat that i've had lying around for about 4 year's now...

I've taken it all apart and i've noticed that it's routed for S-S-H (H being at the neck position) that seem's abit odd to me, anyway i've decided since the Bridge position is routed for a single coil that i'll just stick with S-S-S.

This is the item's i'm going to buy for it soon;

(my budget is around £150 for the whole thing)

Arctic white body
Arctic white neck/ headstock with rosewood fingerboard/ 22 jumbo steel frets
Satin chrome spread roller tremolo bridge
Black pre-wired all rail pickgaurd S-S-S (output is 9.5k, vintage wound black/ silver)
Nickel fender replacement kluson style chrome tuners (6inline)
Chrome fender jackplate
Copper clad shielding (front and back)

I'm going to purchase this soldering iron to solder the jack and ground, will it be good enough for the job?

Pick gaurd




I'm not sure but the pickups in the pickgaurd are either, 14k, 9.5 or 5.8k vintage wound, i'll ask about that before i purchse, although all i know is that the higher rating means higher output right? what else would this effect?

Rough idea of what it'll look like when finished

Total so far is about £95 for all the guitar part's, i still need to include the soldering iron, sandpaper, arctic white spray paint and the clearcoat.

Also if i sanded the top later of paint on the strat until it was very rough could i then start applying the white spray paint over the top of it?

Also any recommendation's on part's/ paint etc would be nice.
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Go to an electronics shop and ask if you can borrow their soldering iron or even if you could give them diagrams for the wiring and they could do it, that would probably be cheaper then a guitar shop.
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If you're on about the pickgaurd it's £53 pre-wired with the 3 pick-ups, 3 pots and 1 switch, i dont think that's too bad, plus it mean's i dont have to worry about me screwing up any of the soldering/ wiring on them. I only really need the soldering iron for the lead to the output and to the ground. My next project is when i'll do all the wiring by myself, but for now i'll just use a pre-wired gaurd
Black Knight CF-60F Semi-Acoustic.

Black Knight CP200 (Red flamed maple).

Neck-thru 4 string bass.

Acoustic 6 string.