well basicly i wanted to upgrade my rehearsal place to a little simple studio, so ma band and some other bands can record demos there and **** around =)... however something unexpected happened.. our band suddenly lost the PA system, meaning we cannot practice properly..
so i changed my mind and decided getting a PA would be a priority... however i still want to have a simle studio, so i'm looking for a mixer that can handle both jobs, be a PA mixer and when needed a studio mixer...

what i had in mind was:

2 active speakers (JBL EON 15 - copy) http://www.thomann.de/gb/jbl_eon15_g2.htm (that would be the original however)

Analog Mixer... here is where i am in doubt... i want something that could be connected to PC via Firewire... so i have 2 options
and a classical mackie onyx..

the first has already build in the firewire card... but doesnt have a preamp, like Onyx
i think 4 stereo and 4 mono channels would do just the trick to record drums, i dont need more than 8 channels however...
The onyx mixer doesnt inclide the firewire card so i would have to buy it and it's kidna expensive..

so my favorite option is:

M-Audio NRV10 mixer
+ http://www.thomann.de/gb/sm_pro_audio_pr_8_e.htm (tell me what you think. would this preamp do the job?)

well.. your comments on this gear? would this even work? what problems am i to expect? anyone has any experience with this M-Audio NRV10 mixer?...

thx in advice
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