no idea which thread to put this in. I have a 7 string Ibanez and the bridge pickup (Its a humbucker) makes a clicking noise. Its only over the 7th string (the low B). like when the string touches the coil, it clicks, so when ever i solo or play anything really if i'm using the bridge my palm always touches the string causing it to touch the pickup (its like a magnet the string seems to attach itself to the pickup. i dont know how to describe it, my solution for now is just upgrade, which i was going to do anyways, but anyways to fix this? this doesnt happen when i touch the other 6 strings to the pick up, just the 7th
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It's not "like" a magnet. It IS a magnet.

Anyway, either raise the action or lower the pickup.
lower the pup
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lower the pup

+1. Try lowering the pick up under the B string without lowering the whole thing. See how that comes out.
The screw on the left side of the pickup will lower that side.


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