Ever since I got my SM57, I've been doing tons of recording of various stuff.
Soup and Blues recorded with Shure SM57 + Valve Jr stack w/ Hardwire CM-2 distortion pedal, except for High - which was an RP250 pedal direct.

I have no idea how I'm doing playing wise AND recording quality wise from an outside point of view. So i'd love to hear from other people to see what they think about what I'v e been up to lately! They're all relatively short with no vocals, so I think its reasonable to include three.

1. Soup - I recorded this in about 30 minutes. The drums are slightly off beat in some parts, for I recorded them from my iPhone's drumming app xD. The guitars are double tracked, of course. I added bass too, to sound more full. I improvised the lead. I think this is a pretty cool track, but has more potential than I put into it.

2. High - I recorded this 6 months ago before I got my SM57, but I like it so I'm going to upload it. Drums are drum samples. Guitar is my RP250 direct into my sound card. The lead was written in advance, and the solo was improv'd - I didn't even mean to include it. So tell me what you think.

3. Blues - this is a short one. No bass, no drums. Just messing aroudn, trying to create something bluesy. I'm not sure about this one, but I do like it.

Those are my three most prized recordings, available as MP3's in my profile. I am new to recording and sharing them so I'm extremely excited to hear an outside point of view. They are all reasonably short, and have no vocals. If you could listen and tell me what you think, that'd be AWESOMSE!

PS: Been playing guitar for two years, although I feel that no longer is relevant for everyone learns and excels at diff. rates.
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i checked em out there pretty tight man
your ripps have a great kick to them you got a diff sound going on there they sound sweet