Ive got a late model Peavy B-112 50 watt amp. I don't play bigger because my apartment is about the size of an outhouse. SO here is what it is doing.

Playing in Open C-Tuning, have the amp turned about to about 6-7 overall gain, and when I hit really fat notes, where i should get that nice big bass tone (so nice), instead my amp kinda makes a farty/rattle/distorted noise. And dont say "its busted" or "your screwed" and stuff, cuz I kinda figured that lol. but i like to tinker and do new things, so any thoughts on whats wrong and what i need to fix. I dont mind taking it apart, as long as i can get it back together and fixed.
Have you tried turning the Bass down?

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Your speaker might be blown. Push on it VERY GENTLY and if it fells like its scraping something, then you need a new one.
Quote by YoHendrix
Have you tried turning the Bass down?

yeah, got that down a bit, didnt happen as much, but still a bit too often...trying the speaker thing when i get off work.
so.....how much a pain will it be to replace my speaker? and moeny wise, should i just snag a new amp instead? lol.
Speakers are easy. 2 wires that usually just have spade connecters that come apart and some screws
Do you know what size your speaker is?
Your amp has a low res knob. Turn it down.
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