Yo yo yo. A little early as I'll be very busy tomorrow morning.

This week, frog special! Save Krisiun covering Refuse/Resist, which is such a brilliant cover that I wanted to include it on there in case any of y'all hadn't heard it yet. We have a selection of Destinity, Hacride, Scarve, Outcast, Gorod, Breed Machine and a little band called Godzilla who went on to change their name and get a whole lot more famous.

Nothing particularly kvlt, I do apologize. I'll whack up a list of the songs and reasons for my posting them later.


JAN 23 King ofKumbucha
JAN 30 tigerking615
FEB 06 Mudvayne_4_Life
FEB 13 Psychopathology
FEB 19 VampireGoldfish

(are we coming up with a new list sometime soon?)
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8tracks isn't working for me... Songswon't load.

Sorry I can't be frenched by you at the moment Webb.

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JAN 23 King ofKumbucha
JAN 30 tigerking615
FEB 06 Mudvayne_4_Life
FEB 13 Psychopathology

(are we coming up with a new list sometime soon?)

Since my computer died out on me last time, I will gladly take a position.


It works!
Oui oui!
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I think I'll take one as well, actually.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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Hmm judging from your pic you'd fit in more with a fat busted tribute.
Yeah me too

Make it not february 6
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(are we coming up with a new list sometime soon?)

well i stopped adding people to the list because i noticed people weren't paying as much attention to these compared to when it just started, also when the list gets 5 monthes long people sign up then end up forgetting about it and don't post anything

but if people really want to keep this going then ya i'll start adding to it again, but i guess for now on everyone should have their playlist made before signing up
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Could you add me to the list? I just made my 8 track.
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I can see it now. "Dark Thrones and Black People".

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Good mix!

Okay, so I've made mine on 8tracks, how do I post it here on January 30? Do I PM the link to Snyper or someone, or do I make the topic here myself?

Gorod's on there because of that amazing intro riff. Scarve's on there because I think they're interesting; dual vocals and Dirk Verbeuren on drums, winner combination. Hacride are cool, heavy, original and melodic at the same time. Outcast are groovy, heavy and technical. I wanted to show off how I got the Gojira demo, and Destinity are just a bloody amazing band, and probably the most fun people on there despite how heavy they are. Krisiun cover is there because it rawks, and Breed Machine... well, I found them on a site which is dedicated to spreading French metal
I've only ever heard Bleeding once before, so when it started I was thinking "Man, this guy's voice is familiar..."

Then I clicked the tab for 8tracks, saw Godzilla, and understood why. I'm going to move to Paris and steal your cd collection, webbtje.
Have fun with that, I stock everything on the Isle of Man. I can't think of a worse fate than trawling around the IOM looking for where I live.
I don't even know what the IOM is, to be honest. I'll look it up and get back to you.

EDIT: I thought you lived in Paris. You lied to me. If you lied about this, what else have you been lying to me about?! I bet you never quit drinking like you said you did, either! *storms out of the house*
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