Vintage MXR Phase 45 $325 includes shipping(USPS Priority w/ confirmation #)

The rare no LED and Power Jack model.

Might do $200 if you have a Fulltone Octafuzz/Fat Boost or EHX SMMw/H or any Subdecay to trade with cash.

This is the KING of phase pedals. It can do subtle phasing to a great univibe tone. The univibe tone on the Stones' "Let It Loose", to a T.

Good Condition: some scratches, but its vintage, what do you expect? Has velcro on the backside.

If bought outright or with trade & cash, you are getting one hell of a deal. These are pretty rare. Most probably haven't even seen one before.

Used by the likes of Steely Dan, Keith Richards, Jeff Beck, and maybe Thom Yorke.

The brownish/orange pedal, in the picture.

Paypal Only

I have a phase 90 but I do believe you have a rare pedal there. I don't hang out here much but watch your bumps my friend, I think you are allowed 3 a week or something crazy.

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