I'm considering buying a Hagstrom f200p. My guitar now is a Vintage v100. My question is:will the sound be distinguishably different? Or since both are mahogany bodies and HH they will sound a little too similar?
And please dont tell me to go out and try one since I dont think I can find a Hagstrom dealer anywhere near, let alone one that has a left handed f200p.
EDIT:don't know if it matters, i mostly play through a Kustom defender(soon to change for something with more vintage/old school british hard bluesy sound) with a snarling dogs black dog effect.
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Well the Hagstrom will have way better pick-ups and will just play easier and feel better, so there is a sound difference but not a huge one.
Keep in mind that it's all about which amp you have and how you dial your EQ in,to get a good sound!
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