hey, i hope this is where this goes.

i have a 4 track USB mixer, it`s a ALESIS Multimix 8 USB

now i downloaded Sony Acidpro 7 to use with my mixer, now the problem lies with the computer, when i plug the USB in it makes my Audio card stop working, when i unplug the USB the Audio card works again...... whats up with this???

so if the USB mixer is plugged into my computer i can`t listen to any sound at all. no music nothing i recorded, youtube.. nothing. untill i unplug the USB then everything works fine
Use the headphone input on the mixer. If your not using it then unplug it from the usb when it is not in use to listen to other stuff.
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What's happening is the mixer is acting as your soundcard instead the one you have, if your mixer has a monitor output then use that. Or you could set the mixer as the input and your soundcard as the output, but that isn't ideal.