Hey guys, I've been playing bass for quite an amount of time now and I've been looking into buying a Five stringed bass. I told my friend of this and he (Being a drummer ) told me of a certain 5 stringed bass he owned. I asked him about it and he showed me pictures. From what I could discern it looked like a Yamaha RBX bass shape (With same style pups). It certainly isn't a Yamaha though, as the Headstock had the word "WOLF" written on it.

He is offering me it for £100 (Which I can comfortably afford right now). I have no experience with this brand of bass and I don't want to buy a Bass I've never heard of before. I played it once and it seemed like quite a nice guitar but I would like some feedback from the guys here.

Thanks .
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Why does it matter if its a well heard of bass or not, if it's nice to play and sounds good buy it, if not don't.

I played it without an amp. I don't want to buy it only to find out the Neck will warp a few weeks down the line, or that other problems may occur.
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Ask him if you can borrow it for a week to try it out before you buy it if your good enough friends.

I may just do that. Thanks for the idea.
If it works for you after a week...

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100 dollars is pretty cheap for a bass if that thing is any good at all i recommend it

146.42 dollars

Was it similar to this? Looks like a good brand to me. I'd go for it.
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146.42 dollars

Was it similar to this? Looks like a good brand to me. I'd go for it.

Yeah, it's that make and looks like the same shape, although it has a Black body and Fender P style pick-ups.

He's agreed to let me have it for a week so I'll tell you guys how it turns out