So me and my bassist decided to go with a more metalcore-ish (I guess that's what you could call it) approach in this one. It's not finished yet, but I figured I could get some feedback on it at least. There's about 1:40 or so done. Comments/Suggestions would be much appreciated. Crit for Crit as always... leave a link!

P.S. Don't pay attention to the rehearsal signs. Can't really explain them, just know they weren't my idea. Lmao.
New Metalcore-ish peice.zip
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I would say that the intro went on for too long, it really dragged for me. It's a good idea, I think it just needs a bit of messing around with, puting something extra over it.

First hardcore riff i straight out did not like. It's just been done way too many times before, however, I really liked the breakdown and everything after this point was an improvement, even though I don't usually like those dissonant riffs.

Bassically, this is a good start and in my opinion needs quite a bit of polishing before it's finished.

It seems like you've covered quite a few different areas of metal in your band from the titles of the pieces in your sig, i'm off to go listen to a few of them...
like the comment before, some of the riffs are pretty overdone id say, so a bit generic,
but youve got me with that nice intro and the very last part, that repeats 3 times, really liked it,with the harmony and the bass.
also the dissonant part,is nice, im not into this kind of music, but its pretty funny how the most dissonant chords sound good in this genre