wouldn't call it metalcore mate, more towards melodic stuff, would be a good ending for a song but your guitar sounds a bit out of tune (intonation?)

anyway, best of luck!

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Cool track. Much more melodic than I was expecting. The drums fit pretty well, except at around 30 seconds I think there is too much crash, maybe lay off for ~10 seconds. Also, it sounded as if the drum track got off at about 38 seconds but corrected itself. I can't really think of anything else negative to say, or any way to give you criticism. >_< Nice job for sure.

c4c: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1039606
you need some bass and a bit more mids in your tone, sounds kinda flimsy
the riffs themselves aren't that bad but they could use a lot of improving on

and dont use gp to fill in drums/bass, it sounds like crap and desegregates the rest of the recording, just go straight guitars if you have too

keep working with it and it might sound pretty good
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Well I'm no metalcore expert but I can give you my thoughts on it. First on the Guitar Pro parts, turn the bass up a bit (personal preference, you don't have to) and maybe fix up some of the drums parts. The intro guitar part sounds pretty decent. The harmony I'm guessing is building off the previous concept you had, but at times it sounds like it gets a little bit out of tune, but that can be easily fixed. Lastly work on your bends a bit. Not a bad idea though. C4C?