Hey, I wanted a new guitar, I was looking at the Epiphone SG and quite like it, what are your opinions on it?
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the g-310 is really lame, not a good guitar at all...i have one laying around somewhere.. but ive heard good things about the g-400.
^+1 the g-310 sucks
the g- 400 is epiphone's 3rd best SG, imo.
if TS wants a metal guitar with a fast neck and have $700+ go with the SG prophecy with the EMG's.
or if TS just wants a nice SG without the active pickups and have better stuff than the regular EPI SGs buy an Epiphone SG custom
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Just picked up a used Epi G-400 SG Deluxe yesterday. It's a great guitar and I'm very happy.