What's the difference between a 60W head and a 100W head? If I got a 60W head, what Watt cab would I need? Same with the 100W?
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it's 60 watt RMS and 100 watt RMS. 100 watt is more powerful and louder.

If it's solid state the 100 watt will have more clean headroom and be able to get louder before distorting than the 60watt. you will need a cab that at least matchs the wattage or the head, i recommend a cab that's like 200watt or more, it allows you to get more tone and so you can push your head a bit more.

Same applies for the 60 and 100 if it was tube, except they're far louder than solid states. Except they'll be going into overdrive instead of distorting.

I think.
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Is there any difference in tone?

I'm asuming you are talking about tube amps in this thread.
Generally there won't be any difference in tone (if the 2 heads are the same model), the only difference is headroom. Meaning that the 60W will go into overdrive sooner than the 100W (both on clean and dirty channels) then it just comes down to preference, either you want to get overdrive sooner at slightly lower volumes or you want to be able to turn the amp up loud without it getting overdriven.
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