When I had recently just joined these forums there was a huge thread around here about bass exercises and i forget who..posted a whole bunch of them in guitar pro and then someone put those on power tabs for those who did not have guitar pro

well..recently..I've been looking for that thread and have come up with nothing..then i remember i had downloaded and saved that file..so i started looking...took me a couple of days but i found it! Now I've been recently looking at it and man is there some great stuff...there is a good 51 exercises and it starts out from the most beginner to the hardest stuff like examples taken from pastorius wooten and sheehan..you'll see when you open it up...anyways I'll post it back here if anyone wants it..it is really helpful and i hope you all take advantage of it as i am doing.

also if someone can find the original thread..there must be powertabs in there somewhere..if not..ill try converting it on my own.
Bass Exercises.zip
I wondered where that thread went, thanks!
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i was wonderin' if their was anything like that
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sweeeet, thanks. I used to have this, and you made it so much easier to get again
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