I've been messing around with my schecter C-1 Blackjack and a Roland cube 30x amp that i'm borrowing till i get my own for some time now and i can't seem to get that lamb of god sound. Do I need to look into a peddle or something? I'm new to electric guitar so I am just starting to play around with amps and such. Any recommendations for a peddle or peddle and new amp?

hmmmm, you probably dont need a pedal with the gear you're using to be honest. The Cube 30 should be good enough and its a Schecter too. But if you were looking for a good investment for the future, look at the Digitech Metal Master. And also you may want a delay pedal, but I'm no expert on those
On the special features of the LoG DVD "Killadelpia", Mark talks about how he gets his sound. I think some of it is on youtube. Check it out.