Price Range: around 1000€ for guitar + amp
Genres / Bands I like: hard rock, metal, punk... i like a lot of stuff
i was thinking to get ibanez s470, today i saw new ibanez guitars for 2009 and there is ibanez s470b (i dont know if there is any big difference) but then i red that i should not spend more money for guitar than for amp...so i dunno, s320? and for an amp first i though about marshall, mg, avt, then line 6 spider... but then i started to read posts on this forum saying that amps are all crap and now i have no idea. i would probably like to have a tube amp (combo)? i would be using it only for practice so 10-15W ?

basically im lost, and i would be very thankfull if i could get some directions

ibanez is a good choice for guitar, and the price thing isn't that important

amp for around that wattage... no so sure for high gain and tube
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There are lots of good makes - you need to get yourself to a shop and try some out to see what you like and feel comfortable with. Personally I wouldn't spend too much on a first guitar, partly because you don't really know what you want yet, and partly because if you have a really good guitar people expect you to be able to use it lol

If I was you I'd see what I like the look of, check out the reviews, check out the 'what guitar should I get' thread in guitar and bass basics, and then go and try some out.
I recommend you a LTD KH-202 so you can use the rest of the money in a good amp and/or pedals, but don't take me too sarious I'm just a n00b
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That idea of balancing the anp and guitar price is about right for gigging. But if you only want a practice amp at this stage. then great. More for a worthy guitar. Go try a few out in the best shop you can get to. Then check prices online, too. You talk in euros so looking at www.thomann.de shoud set you in the right direction.
Your hard choice is whether to go for a budget (maybe Solid State) amp and have the maximum for guitar and pedals or to get a better quality, maybe valve amp and ease back on the guitar.
The only other tip I can give you is that should you fancy an Ibanez guitar (they are nice) take a look at what you can get in the Cort brand. They are just as nice and tend to be a bit less pricey. One of theirs is on my wish list but as its not really versatile I'll not tell you which one.

(wish I had a grand to go shopping with)
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Ibanez RG1570 and Vypyr 75 amp.

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Do not buy a low-end Marshall, or a Line 6 spider (They're not horrible, but there are better.) or a Fender Frontman. I would suggest the RG1570 and a Peavey Vypyr or a 5 watt valve amp (Valveking Royal or Blackheart little giant, etc.)
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so i think i ll go with rg1570 and Peavey Vypyr


There are a LOT of people having trouble with these amps malfunctioning

what s all that about?