sat writing in an old grey coat
with the hood up
because the house is so cold
and the beer is so cold
that it frosts the bottle -
every time i set it down
mist pours from the neck
my minature beercloud
against a frozen sky
and my breath is a smoke stack
against a frozen sky.
coughing fit.
sat in my little study
bashing at the keys
writing warmth
into everyday things
writing candles and
me as a child
poking at nana's old coal fire
writing naked bodies
in the back of an old jag
heater on full
us on leather
on top of the world
writing coffee of the day job
i am of the day job
beer of the night
i am of the night.
find her on the boating lake
under ascot summer sun
take her to the poppy fields
where english eton schoolboys run
write spring and
forget the winter fun
write anything
hood up

just to keep my fingers warm.

love is a dog from hell.

It seems like this thing wrote itself down. Enjambment is beautiful. I love how this unfolded itself. I'm sorry that I don't have anything but thoughts of appreciation to offer.

Quote by circular.parade
It seems like this thing wrote itself

It kindof did.

Cheers guys

love is a dog from hell.