i m looking for an amp to play rock music, (a nice clean tone and a rock distortion) like red hot, ACDC, Audioslave, hellacopters,lynyrd skynyrd,etc... i only have 470 euros. my teacher told me to get the line 6 spider III 120. what would be the best option?
sorry for my englist and thanks!
You could get a used JCM 800 Combo. They go around 400-600€.
I've heard that line 6 spiders sound too digital.
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Yeah dude Ive got a Spider 3 15 watt.And While I like screwing around with effects it doesnt sound like the amp u want.To an extent they do sound to digital.
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Don't get the Spider. It's bad.
If you could stretch your budget a bit, you could buy a Peavey Classic 30: http://www.thomann.de/gb/peavey_classic_30.htm

It's 543 € new, but if you go used, you'll find one for way cheaper. It's a great amp for those tones you want.
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1. change teacher
2. get yourself a classic 30/ fender blues junior (with added od pedal it will get some sweet OD) or +1 on the marshall jcm800
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thank you guys! but i need something more than 30 W i think..

There are people who use 30w amps in the biggest arenas in the world.

Why would you need more than 30w?

Edit: I guess I should explain... 30w of tube will be more than enough for small-medium gigs, and if it's mic'ed up it can be as loud as you want it to be.
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30 Watts of tube amp is a lot, about equal or louder than 75 watts SS and sound MUCH better than SS.

Get a peavey classic 30 used and buy a digitech bad monkey
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If you want a modelling amp, get the Peavey Vypyr. With that budget you'd get plenty change from the 75w and you should be able to afford the new 60w valve version as well. If you fancy a Line 6 you'd be better with the Spider Valve but I suspect the Vypyr 60w will be better and cheaper. If you fancy a valve amp, try either the Valve King or a Laney VC with a distortion pedal.
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