im looking to getting my car windows tinted because the heat in florida is terrible and the sun kind of bothers me when it hits me on the face and it probably messes up the leather of my car slowly

so im looking and doing some research but im still kind of confused so you guys may be able to help me out

i live on florida so i dont know which ones are the legal ones X_X
what is the best kind of tint i can get for my car?
and what is the price i can expect to pay for good tint?

does anybody know of any good links to car tint website or something?

anybody had their windows tinted before any advice,opinions stuff i should avoid?

any help is appreciated
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Why the **** would you ask it here? Are you stupid? Honestly...

Don't go cheap. You'll regret it later. Don't be one of those car drivers that I laugh at with their $25 tint job making an awesome display of bubbles on their back window. Do it properly.
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Why the **** would you ask it here? Are you stupid? Honestly...

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get somebody else to do it, it doesn't cost that much and don't roll down your windows i think for at least a day it will cause bubbling in the tint. Wish they had told me that one, fortunately it was a work truck
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