Around May, i picked up a really nice charvel. Its '90 a 475 deluxe. (could be '90 or '91 but im fairly certain its '90) I just love this guitar. The thing is, i can find next to no info on this guitar! Ive spent countless hours on google trying to find some useful info on this guitar. Ive gathered some stuff either on my own, or just by playing her. I know its got a bolt-on maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, jumbo frets?, And either a basswood or alder body. Also, im pretty sure the paint is something like blizzard pearl. The serial number is 329787.

Id love to find any addional info (And figure out what wood the body is.) Anybody know anything?
All i remember is they used to be around £600 in '90. Mid-range soloist style guitar.

Is it definitley Deluxe? I can't remember which model was string-thru.
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Is it just me or do Charvel owners love those dimarzio clicklock straps. I have the same colored ones on my charvel.
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The deluxes had bound necks, so that is definitely a deluxe. I'm also pretty sure they are basswood, but not exactly %100 on that.
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