I play mostly Progressive Metal, Melodeath, Jazz, And some really experimental trippy music.

I like pretty deep chorus, sometime subtle, sometimes Blatent, Sometimes glassy, sometimes warm.

The Budget is Circa 100 USD.
Im not scared to save up for quality though .
If you need that sort of versatility... The Visual Sounds Liquid Chorus is a great pedal, along with the new Digitech Hardwire Chorus.

The Small Clone (which, no doubt will be mentioned) is either "on" or "off" there's no real depth control...

I'll be picking up either of those choruses pretty soon.

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I love my boss Ce-2, warm, smooth, analog chours. You would have to buy it used though. Or look into the Boss Ce-3 its the same as the Ce-2 but with stereo outputs so you can mix the sound into two amps. The only problem with the Ce-2 is that you'll need to run it off a 12v power supply.