There's this girl at school I really like... yes it's one of those threads, sorry. So she tells me she broke up with her boyfriend, this is rare cause we barely talk to each other about relations and what not. So I'm thinking I'll make a move for sure, but get this..... her ex is 30 mother f***ing years old, she's 18, like me.
Immediately I though "screw that I don't want some old man's left-overs".
This was like two days ago but I keep thinking maybe I should just make a move cuz she's hot, funny, blah blah blah, and for some weird reason she talks to me.

What does TEH PIT think? Should I make a move and swallow my pride?
Yes? No?
relationship thread.
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Relationship thread.

Before I report though, you shouldn't really care who she went out with if you really care for her.

In other words, get over it.
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