I wrote the song over this week, it was definitely meant to sound Amon Amarthish, but I'm not a big fan of screaming, so I wrote the vocal melody as singing(albeit with a try at a Disturbed-ish pre-chorus). The vocal melody is the harmonica. Midi generally sounds better for the drums here, unless your on a laptop like me.
I showed it to my singer/drummer yesterday and he said there wasn't enough of an intro, I dunno what you think, but all thoughts and crits are very welcome. C4C of course.

"Intense yet intricate" Scottish melodeath band, who have been reviewed live by Terrorizer, Metalgigs and Valkyrian Music in the past year

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Pretty ****ing awesome man. I liked the flow a lot. I really don't agree with your band though, that's a pretty nice intro there. C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1041888
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You should make the voc part a guitar part, it sounds alot better.

does sounds like an Amon Amarth song
It's pretty good
Gallien Krueger is awesome
In the main riff, the 8-10-12 chord feels like it should be another 5-5-8 and the 0-12-14 chord sounds rather off. And in the lead afterwards the C# to D to E sounds strange in the same way the main riff does. What I think it is is the fact that the notes continually going higher until the end of the riff sounds a little funny. In the verse riff, I think it might sound better as


It is rather Amon Amarth-ish. I like it a lot, to be honest. Riff at bar 69 is cool. Nice outro. As far as I'm concerned, there's more than enough of an intro.
Why didn't you make the vocals growled then?
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When I said it I kindof meant screamed or growled, but I changed the interlude bit to growling since then- its just hard to represent in guitar pro!

"Intense yet intricate" Scottish melodeath band, who have been reviewed live by Terrorizer, Metalgigs and Valkyrian Music in the past year

Get our debut EP Helveien, for free download.
Yeah I agree - sounds a lot like Amon Amarth.

Even though Disturbed and Amon Amarth don't really do solos, it could do with one in there somewhere - it would be icing on an already sweet cake.

And I could listen to a song like that for longer, maybe you could extend the bit around bar 70 for more of a solo than it has now. The riff definitely has a 'solo rhythm' if you get what I mean.
I really don't listen to much metal and tend to listen to these kinds of tabs on UG as a kind of machocism, but I genuinely enjoyed a lot of that. The stuff I didn't like - like the fast, sustained double-bass stuff - is probably stuff that people who tend to listen to this kind of music will enjoy, I imagine.

What I did like - the fast basspedal rolls when there was otherwise a lot of sonic space, a solid vocal melody (when it hits the high G in the faster - chorus? - bit is a particularly good moment), the sections of slow riffing behind singing.

What I think could be improved - the bassline doesn't sound very interesting to me, the intro riff seems to go a little high at the end (although I do think it's 'enough' of an intro) and that long interlude (bar 65-77) sounds alright, but definitely is the least interesting part of the song for me, perhaps something hookier in there would improve it.

Overall, though, I was expecting to hate it and actually enjoyed it - depending on the lyrics and vocal delivery, it's definitely a song I'd listen to at least a few times if it was recorded.
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wow dude, the rhythm guitar part is awesome. you use cool unusual chords like me haha. i love the "chorus" idea that was repeated alot. and i like the original chords I don't think you should change them.

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i don't know about anyone else, but there was very little in there that reminded me of Amon Amarth. Then again, the hallmark of Amon Amarth (for me at least) is the insanely fast root note bass playing. That being said, I really enjoyed it. I liked the weird chords, they gave the song a really cool tension/release pattern. The rhythm guitar was phenomenal. I definitely think it could have used a solo, though. The intro was definitely long enough. I did really get the Disturbed influence, though. It sounded like the best song they've never written. Good stuff, though. 9/10. Get it recorded, and it'll sound at least 7,000 times better.