These are supposed to be my wonder years my bedrock savage,
maybe it aint the same for me because i'm far from average,
maybe cuz everything i do i do with unadulterated passion,
and im authentic made never once been plastic,
a lil sarcastic but never intentionally an ass hole,
unless they desereved it, naw thats a bad way to word it,
its just that i hold my feelings up inside and when i see my issue i just work it,
i don't know why i guess i just do it to better myself,
i mean make myself feel better but whether,
its really me or you making my blown out heart feel the treble,
i know im special to put it a nice way,
i know im eccrentic, electric maybe mildly eplectic,
and rock to my own drum so you can't stay in step with,
but i just can't help it/ its my heart and my soul
and i cant help but blame anyone else
but ive come to realize that the reason i said okay is cuz i like to tourte myself.

yeah thats my life in a nutshell

go steelers