I recently self-installed Hot Noiseless Pickups into my strat. Everything is fine except a static sound when I initially touch any string.

I couldn't find any problem with the wiring so I took it to a tech. He found nothing wrong with it but eventually figured out the problem.

My pickguard creating the static and the strings are picking up the charge. The tech doesn't know what to do about it other than the possibility of replacing the pickguard with a metal one and grounding the guard to the body. I would think however that the plastic pickguard I have now would be grounded to the body through the screws attaching it to the body.

Wetting the pickguard temporarily elleviates the problem, and someone else suggested using that spray-on static cling **** for clothes, but I need a permanent fix and Fender is no help with the problem.

Anyone seen this before?
Suggestions for a permanent fix?
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