Hey UG
i was wondering if anybody has tried sending their vocal mic through a distortion pedal to get some scream-like distorted vocals
My band recently came out of the studio, and in one of our songs, we figured it would be a nice touch to add a scream. The engineer told me to whisper into the mic, he added distortion to it on pro tools, and it sounds like a real scream
I was wondering if i could do this live with a distortion pedal (we have a bad monkey) without a) sounding retarded, and b) screwing up any equipment

We are not a screamo band, so no flaming for that, or for trying to "cheat screaming".
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Hahaha you crack me up swansareroadkil.

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why don't you just scream? it'll sound a whole lot better and less digital live. and people won't think you're a dork.
none of us can do it well lol
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Hahaha you crack me up swansareroadkil.

:can't think of a smiley to put, your too cool:
grow some balls(and vocal chords) and just scream
but it would work
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I've done it with my digitech rp250. Only tried using the bluesy settings for vocals, and it sounds pretty good. idk about using distortion but i imagine it would sound pretty cool. try it, it hasn't messed up my **** yet. although, single stomp boxes are different from multi effects pedals so i'm not sure.
Good vocal technique for screaming is somewhere between whispering and shredding your vocal chords. It's all about breath control. As far as doing it live, I don't know of a good way to do it without a really nice PA without getting a bunch of feedback. If you try it, you'll want to use very little gain and be sure not to "eat" the mic. The good news is screams sound better live for some reason. Maybe it's just the adrenaline boost from playing in front of people makes you put everything into it, but I've always liked my live screams better than my recorded ones.
Also, make sure you're set up like you're playing a show with the speakers in front of the band facing the audience. Do a soundcheck before you actually try it. If you have monitors, make sure they're not too loud.