I recently bought a set of 3 seymour duncan pickups, cool, vintage, and hot and was going to swap them with the stock ones in my mexican strat. I read and watched a couple videos on youtube on how to change pickups and I think I get it, just want some confirmation.

-I know I need a solder iron and I bought one but do I need rosin and flux too? one of them sucks the old solder out right?

- When soldering you just heat the gun up, touch some solder on it, and then touch the wire heating it and then touch solder on the wire, not the point of the gun?

The only problem I have is that the neck and middle pickups(cool and vintage) seem to have their wires soldered together so it doesn't match the diagram.


It says that the red and white are supposed to be taped off, they are on the hot rail but the cool and vintage seem to be connected. The middle pickup seems to be missing the green and black wire and the red and white are not taped off together and are seperated with the white and colorless of the middle being soldered to the green and colorless of the neck.



I bought these pickups second hand so it this a problem or are they supposed to be connected like that to work together? If so how would I go about soldering them?

what do you mean there connected? Are red and white wires soldered together? If so thats alright, leave that....

So you have 2 pickups with wires: Red, White, Green and Black
and one pickup with just white and red?
Is that right?
I have 3 pickups, the hot rail that goes in the bridge position seems fine and it has all the wires, red, black, green, white, and bare.

The problem I have is with the other 2 pickups, the neck and middle (cool and vintage).
The middle pickup seems to be missing 2 wires, the black and the green and instead of having the red and white taped off, they are seperated and the white and bar are soldered to the green and bare of the neck pickup.

Should I just solder all the combined wires to the volume pot?
well bare = ground

so keep those two soldered together and then solder them to the back of the volume pot

As for hot. Im not to sure.

Try soldering all the combined wires to the back of the volume pot and red to the switch. If that doesn't work ground the red wires and solder the white wire off the middle pickup and the green wire off the neck pickup to the switch. If that doesn't work, i dont know...