ok well i have a drummer, and now have no idea on how to even start finding other people to join. how does one go about this?
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Go to Guitar Center or another guitar shop. Find someone that sounds good. Then it goes like this.

You: Are you in a band? cause you're really good.

Them: No

You: Wanna be in mine?

Them: Ok. Sure

Then it's all up hill from there. If they're already in a band then move on to someone else. Et voila!
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theres a forum on ultimate guitar. called the classifieds. The classifieds can be used for selling gear, to looking for other bandmates.
if you scroll down on the main forum page, not only will you see the pit, but other useful forums as well!
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This is going to sound cliche but the bulletin board at your local music store more than likely has people on it who are looking for YOU.

Memory helps too, I got my drummer by thinking about all the people I've known over the years, I looked him up and now were jammin', but we can't find a decent bassist. We don't want some mindlessly simply bassist, it need to add dimension.

Word of the wise: make sure they want to play the same music as you, or be prepared to spend half your practice time arguing over bull****.
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YOu post on here with horrible spelling until someone answers.

It'll look like this

"Z0mjEE Kahn Sum1 h3lp me sturt a band plox?"

If that doesn't work.

Try the whole... go to guitar center thing.
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Post nudie pics of yourself all over town and in small letters say "Searching For Bandmembers I Pay Geetar".

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