I know, it's better to mic the amp, but I neither have any money to get a mic set up nor need to right now, since I'm just a recreational player.

So when I try to connect the line out on my amp to the line in on my computer, I get horrible distortion, even when I'm trying to play on clean. I have to turn the volume on the amp down really low and turn my speakers up high to get any sort of clean sound. Does anyone know what the problem is, or have encoutered this before? I use a 15 watt solid state (yuck, i know...), by the way. Thanks
i tried doing this before and i got the same problem. ive heard that getting a decent sound card and using line in is alright. im not sure if you have a sound card or not.

i use a line 6 pocket pod and it sounds pretty decent. it takes some tweaking but i think it was worth it for how much the pedal is.

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hm, that could be the problem, i suppose. I use the onboard soundcard on my mobo
on your computer, turn the recording volume down.
that's probably your problem
Line is a crap way of recording, there's not much you can do really, I used to record like that and it just sounded horrible and nothing like my amp.
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get a small mixer - a 2 channel behringer mixer is like 50 bucks on musicians friend... and line out from the mixer to your cpu. Make sure you use the line in jack on your cpu, NOT the mic jack - the mic jack has like 10 dbs boost. Adjust the level in your software, and you are set!
You could purchase a cheap 1 1/4 to USB audio interface, you can get them for about $40, then you get hold of guitar rig 3, amplitude or any other app that has guitar modelling software built in (i know people will shun this, but you can get guitar rig 3 on the sly from a torrent).

This way you'll be able to get a really nice clean (no interfence) line into your computer.
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if you have rockband, download audacity, and plug your rockband mic into your computer, mic up your amp and record, simple, and cheap.
thanks for all the replies, the rockband idea was cool - i never thought of that, but i don't have rockband. I'll try to see if I can make some software adjustments to make it work, but it's late, and i have a sandwhich to eat, so i'll do it later