Tom Waits is on of the greats in my book, but these lyrics have always puzzled me.

"I hope they play my theme song; I guess daiseys will have to do. Just get me to New Orleans and paint shadow on the pue. Turn the spit on that pig and kick the drum to let me down."

What the hell does "Turn the spit on that pig" mean? Is it some kind of nickname for an instrument?
No, a spit is how they cook a whole pig (in the olde world), It basicaly suspended over an open fire and turned (rotated) to cook evenly.
A pig on a spit, you know like roasting a pig over a fire and turning the spit. I never really thought too much about it, I know the basic gist of the song is a guy falling out of a window who's fall was broken by the confetti in his hair, at least that's what Tom waits says. Oh and the lyric is "Make sure they play my theme song..." or at least that's how it goes on the album version. now I'm going to go and try to desifer that song in it's entirety.
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