Ive been playing for about 3 1/2 years now, and the only scales ive used are the pentatonic related ones like the blues scale and major minor. recently ive learned the harmonic minor one, but all the songs i find that use it are a bit beyond my level for what i want to learn. not that i cant play some of them, but i want to find some simpler ones so i can gain a better understanding of what phrases work and all that good stuff. so what are some easier solos or songs in the harmonic minor scale?
Try Sultans of Swing. The use of the harmonic minor comes from the substitution of chord V for a major chord in an otherwise Aeolian progression (Dm - C - Bb - A). A mixture of Aeolian and harmonic minor licks are used throughout the song. The second solo is a bit tricky, but otherwise it's fairly straight forward.

You don't see songs that are fully based on the harmonic minor scale very often (in modern music at least) - the chord V substitution in a modal piece, as above, is the most common.